Using Technology to Stay Healthy

Advances in medicine and technology are making it easier than ever to stay on top of your health and safety. AI integration in radiology labs is making it harder to miss a diagnosis, and telehealth doctor appointments make it possible for families who live in rural locations to connect with specialists in a timely manner.

Now, app integration makes it easier than ever to incorporate your personalized health needs into your daily routine. Here are a few recent tech updates that have made medicine even more tailored to each and every patient.

Monitor Your Pacemaker

Approximately 1.5 million individuals in the United States rely on pacemakers to monitor and regulate potentially harmful irregular heartbeats. These devices can “reset” an irregular heartbeat, helping patients avoid dangerous cardiac events.

Patients who use Medtronic pacemakers can now see live updates regarding their pacemakers with the MyCareLink Heart app. This app is compatible with most smartphones, and allows users to automatically send any cardiac information to their physicians or cardiologists. Doctors can also request information from the app leading up to appointments with patients so they can evaluate the success of the device and the patient’s cardiac health ahead of time.

Keep Tabs on Your Glucose Levels

Individuals who have diabetes need to keep their blood sugar levels in a very specific range, often with the measuring help of a glucometer. Glucometers work by using a drop of a user’s blood from a finger to accurately determine the amount of glucose in a patient’s blood. Users can then know if they need to raise or lower their blood sugar levels, and can do so by eating food with the necessary amount of sugar, or by administering insulin.

The AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager allows patients to sync their AgaMatrix glucometers to a mobile app, which can be helpful for tracking trends in one’s glucose levels over time. Users can see their current glucose levels, as well as their levels at certain times of day or certain days over a longer period of time. The app even has the option to scan barcodes or manually input portion values for meals, so patients can see quantified results of how each meal affects their blood sugar.

Stay on Top of a Fever

Having a sick child can be scary, and with many children’s inability to verbalize their symptoms, it can be difficult to decide whether a visit to the pediatrician’s office is necessary. New technology available for thermometers now allows parents to more accurately track their child’s temperature, which can help determine whether a call needs to be made to the doctor, and to see how their child is recovering from a bad illness.

The Temp Sitter Wireless Smart Thermometer allows parents to take an accurate temperature reading from underneath their child’s armpit. It is also waterproof and can be used to test the temperature of bathwater or formula.

As the average consumer’s life becomes more reliant on the internet and smart devices, it is important for the medical field to embrace technological integration as well. There are many new medical devices and machines that are calibrated for an Internet of Things, and users can now get more insight than ever before into the details of their own health and wellness.

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