The Best Business Processes to Outsource

Businesses of all sizes should have expansion in mind when thinking about their short- and long- term goals. However as businesses improve and expand, they also face increasingly complex operational procedures. Outsourcing certain tasks within a business, such as facilities management, client support, and digital marketing, will bring you benefits by partnering with specialised businesses with experience in a specific niche. In recent years, the U.S has seen a 57% increase in the number of companies choosing to outsource, and this trend appears to be increasing in popularity year-oyer-year.

Advancements in technology have made it easier to streamline your business’ outsourcing practices, as more professionals can easily work from remote locations. It should be reassuring that outsourcing has been tried by many businesses around the world, from start-ups and midsize businesses to much larger corporate enterprises. More than 78% of businesses around the world feel positively about their outsourcing partner, so the odds are in your favour.

The most common reasons businesses choose to outsource include, but are not limited to:
Reducing overhead costs
Focusing on core business procedures
Improving the quality of specialized tasks
Freeing internal resources for other purposes
Increasing in-house efficiencies

Different businesses choose to outsource different procedures, based on their unique requirements as well as their industry landscape. Nonetheless, there are a few common tasks most businesses choose to outsource:

Client support
If you have a business, chances are you maintain a client support line, email address, and even a live chat option on your website -- but how many in-house staff members does it take to attend to all of these channels? Outsourcing is a great way to keep your clients happy and avoid any frustrations. Traditional call centers have expanded their service offerings and are now able to manage your client support emails as well as your website’s live chat inquiries, enabling your in-house team to focus on core business procedures.

For the most part, incoming inquiries are simple questions a virtual assistant can address, or appointment bookings that can be managed with a virtual scheduling management service. Many callers appreciate hearing a human voice on the other end of a call or getting an immediate response to an email or chat inquiry to a client support advisor. Contact centres often charge you by the minute, which means you’ll end up paying for the precise amount of time call operators spend on your account, which is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time receptionist.

Digital marketing
Marketing is essential for any businesses that want to grow. Outsourcing your marketing tasks to freelancers or marketing agencies ensures a well planned out marketing strategy can be carried out by experienced professionals on your behalf. Your business’ marketing isn’t just about PR and advertising. It also includes your brand’s design and development, its SEO strategy, videography, and copywriting. Today’s competitive market requires a strong brand presence, especially on social channels.

Why not start small by hiring freelancers: graphic designer, copywriter, or PPC / SEO manager? Alternatively, if you can afford to invest in a digital agency, they’ll manage all of the above and run effective marketing campaigns for your brand’s engagement and outreach targets. Either way, you’ll be saving in-house costs in the long- run, whilst better engaging with existing and new clients. Most freelancers will either charge you per project, or per hour depending on the workload and the type of task they need to complete, whereas an agency is more likely to charge you on a monthly, or quarterly basis.

Facilities management
When it comes to maintaining your business’ offices, you can easily outsource the tasks to facilities management agencies with specialized professionals in their employ. For example, instead of hiring in-house staff to take care of rote maintenance and operational tasks, you could outsource cleaning, waste management, security, and even catering services to specialized providers.

A clean office environment is essential for healthy employees, and it can also help them stay organised and motivated throughout the day. A qualified facilities management company will effectively handle this for you.

By outsourcing certain components of your business’ non-core functions to specialists, you’ll be able to better focus your time and resources on what your business does best. There will be various procedures you’d be better served handling in-house, depending on your business model so it’s important to effectively assess the best tasks to outsource from a ROI perspective. This enables you to cut costs and increase efficiencies in the long run. Spend your time setting more focused business goals and expanding your business by outsourcing procedures to specialized companies.

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