Technology for Spring Season

With Spring on the horizon, it is time to get excited for more hours of daylight, increasing temperatures, and the return of outdoor activities for most of the Northern hemisphere. There are many new tech advancements and innovations that will come in handy in the upcoming season. From items that will encourage you to go outside, to enjoy the beauty of the season, there are products here for every lifestyle and interest. Here are a few to be on the lookout for:

Sony a6100

Digital cameras are a great way to motivate yourself to spend more time in nature, which makes the Sony a6100 a perfect tech accessory for Spring. This camera is available at an affordable price point, so this is a great option for beginner photographers and those with a passion for photography. If ordered from Sony directly, this camera comes stock with a versatile lens, and can be made into a tailored kit featuring the exact lens, body case, timers, tripods and charging accessories for your specific needs.

AllTrails App

Another way to encourage yourself and your inner circle to spend more time outdoors this spring is by going on group hikes. But for those who are traveling or do not have knowledge of nearby trails, the thought of the unknown wilderness can be very daunting. To eliminate those fears, the app AllTrails comes in handy. This app has information about more than 100,000 trails, such as trailhead locations, length, difficulty, and reviews from other hikers. The app even has interactive maps for all trails so you can see how far you have walked, or if you are coming close to a beautiful view.

Away Carry On

From Spring break to business conferences, the coming months are very popular for travel among all demographics. Whether you are in the back seat of a car or stuck in an airport during a delay, it’s important to have a charged phone. This is where the Away Carry On suitcase comes in handy. It has a battery powered charging capability so you will never be stuck for a several-hour layover without your phone or computer, and you will never arrive in a new city with your phone on 5%. This suitcase protects your belongings with its hard case, and it comes in 17 color options, making it easy to find yours in an overhead compartment or baggage claim.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Spring is the unofficial season for yard work and home improvements. But have you ever thought of upgrading the safety of your home when you are painting trim or cleaning gutters? Products like the Google Nest Cam Outdoor can improve your home’s security and give you and your family the safety you deserve. This outdoor camera can monitor your front door, driveway, garage, back yard, or any other area you want to have eyes on 24/7. The camera monitors whichever areas you choose, and its footage can be viewed in real-time on an app on your smartphone. This product can give you peace of mind, whether you’re watching your kids in the backyard while you prepare dinner, or checking if a package has been delivered to your front door when you are stuck at work late.

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