Software Systems and Apps to Create Perfect Social Media Ads

Creating effective social media ads is an art form. Whether you're taking an organic approach or paying for sponsored posts, doing it right the first time is essential. If not, every missed opportunity can end up costing your business customers and profits over time.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps and software systems available to help you create incredible social media ads. Here are some of the best social media apps and systems for 2020.

Boosted is a versatile social media design app that lets you create stunning graphics and videos that connect with your audience. The platform offers a variety of rich templates, informative tutorial videos, and everything you need to make compelling social media ads.

One of Boosted's most notable features is its different approaches to Facebook video ad maker. The app capitalizes on the burgeoning video marketing trend, providing you with a blend of stock clips, customizable templates, and custom color palettes and watermarks to brand your work.

When it comes to creating compelling Instagram posts, the captions are almost as important as the images— especially when considering engagement. The Instagram algorithm considers a scroller engaged with a post if they pause for three seconds. With the right captions, you can encourage people to take note of your social media ads and skyrocket your engagement and conversions.

Captiona is an app that makes caption suggestions based on keywords that are relevant to your images. The robust library of captions has everything from inspiring quotes to witty takes. Take them as they are or adapt them to suit your brand needs.

If your business isn't engaging in social listening, there's no better time to start. Social listening lets you know what customers and followers are saying about your brand, whether they tag you or not.

Keyhole is an app that allows for in-depth social listening and social media analytics. This app can help you measure the true reach of your ads and see what ripple effect they create across various channels.

Keyhole also helps businesses that are working with influencers to keep track of hashtags, post reach, and account insights. If your ad campaign is using a variety of influencers, you can see all of their account information presented together on a centralized dashboard.

Grammarly is a document editing platform that can help you revolutionize your language. Create short, compelling captions by setting the tone and formality goals within this AI-driven platform.

Grammarly will help you adjust your phrasing based on how casual you want to sound, audience behavior, and spelling and grammar. Consider installing the Grammarly keyboard on your mobile device so you can edit your captions within your preferred social media platforms.

IFTTT is a programming acronym that stands for "if this, then that." You can use this platform to incorporate automation into your social media ad scheduling and tracking efforts.

Use various IFTTT recipes to cross-post across various social media channels, track hashtags and photos, and coordinate different systems that otherwise won't interact— for example, Gmail and Twitter.

Facebook Ads Grader
Facebook ads are one of the most challenging forms of marketing for modern businesses. There are specialists who focus on Facebook ads alone, without delving into the other social media platforms. While using targeted apps like Boosted to improve your visuals, it's still helpful to assess your ads before publishing.

Enter Facebook Ads Grader, a tool that not only identifies the success of your ad but tells you how to improve in the future. Facebook Ads Grader compares you to the competition, tells you how much money you wasted, and outlines best practices based on your industry. This comprehensive tool will also highlight audience demographics that you should include in your targeting campaigns.

The best part about this app is that it's free to use. At that price, you have no excuse not to assess your efforts before investing in more marketing spend.

Perfect Audience
Retargeting is a powerful way to capture the leads that got away. Using retargeting helps you get in front of your audience again after they've failed to convert. In doing so, you can dramatically increase your conversion rate and profits.

Perfect Audience is a retargeting tool that helps you track your lost leads and get back in front of them. The platform offers various integrations and analytic capabilities to help you make informed, data-driven decisions that pay.

With these powerful tools, you can optimize your social media advertising to create amazing ads and encourage high conversion rates.

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