Promoting Your Company Culture on Social Media

So, you’ve decided to incorporate your company culture into your marketing efforts? Welcome to the bright side.

After all, many brands have promoted their cultures on social media and reaped the benefits from such a high level of transparency. Some brands have been so successful in promoting their company culture online, that they’re known almost as much for their culture as their products.

But it’s easier said than done, right?

Perhaps—but not by much. There are plenty of ways to easily and effectively tie your company culture to your brand using social media.

Where should you begin?
Promoting your company culture is all about humanizing your brand. People use social media platforms first and foremost to connect with their friends and family, i.e., to connect with real human beings.

This makes content about your company culture a perfect fit for the space. Personal connection is invaluable. It gives your customers an opportunity to engage with your brand without feeling the constant pressure to buy something; this is what converts one-time or sporadic customers into loyal, returning customers.

Make your content easy to find
Because of the SEO strength of the major social media platforms, these platforms are highly visible. Your Facebook and Twitter pages are probably some of the first results people see when they search for your business. Therefore, they’re very likely to be one of the first things they click. When they do, make sure what they see is full of life and personality, so their first impression of your company will be a good one.

It costs little to nothing
Because your content will be coming from things you’re already doing on a daily basis, you can get it out there on a minimal budget. You just have to document it. You’ll have an easy and reliable source of marketing material, and you can ramp up your spending gradually if you find boosting your presence increases consumer engagement.

It Helps You Hire Better
Highlighting your company culture on social media also makes your company more appealing to prospective talent. Before applying to a job, many people will decide whether it’s even worth their time by investigating what it’s like to work there. Social media platforms create a direct line of communication to those potential applicants and are a way to entice the best talent to want to work with you and your team.

Social media tactics
We’ve talked strategy, but how do you actually implement it?

Think visual. That’s what works best on social media, so focus on photographs and videos first. These can be staged, rehearsed, totally candid, or even accidental. As a best practice, make sure you have the consent of everyone in the photographs or video before sharing.

Don’t worry too much about production value. Overly polished content often seems inorganic and stiff. You want to provide a look behind the curtain, so the image you project should feel natural to a viewer, even if it’s obvious that it was taken with a smartphone.

Another great source of content is a company event. Social media is a great way to share information from your philanthropic and community-oriented work. If your company hosts events like conferences, galas, dinners, or volunteer events, make sure you’ve got someone snapping some pictures. As a bonus, posting pictures from events and tagging affiliated organizations is a great way to amplify your message beyond your followers.

You can even encourage employees to participate in your social media efforts. Don’t force people to do this, but make your workplace the sort of place people want to brag about. Give people guidelines for posting (so they’ll feel confident about what their company does and does not approve of), and the tools do to so, from hashtags to photo-ops.

Remember: Positive messages about your company will be much more credible coming from staff than from the company itself.

The take-away
Social media platforms provide a direct way for you to communicate with your customers, constituents, community members, prospective employees, and beyond. Your company culture is a great source of content that works well on these platforms and creates lasting affinity for your brand. If you are new to that concept, start small and scale up your efforts over time. Projecting your company culture on social media can be a low-cost means of driving brand engagement and boosting public image.

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Jess Gonzalez is the Digital Marketing Manager at The CSI Group, a full-service marketing and creative agency that's on a mission to make marketing more human. They specialize in helping brands create meaningful, 1:1 experiences driven by consumer insights and human-first thinking. When not leading CSI's content marketing and social media efforts, Jess can be found haunting the best unknown restaurants in New Jersey or at home baking a mean loaf of bread.

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