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How to Explore, Nurture, and Evolve an Amazing Company Culture

Studies show that if an organization’s workforce isn’t positively engaged, nearly half of their employees will search for another job. Workplace culture has a strong effect on many facets of the employee experience, including happiness, efficiency, creativity, and turnover.


4 Principles for Design-Led Branding

Some of the most iconic brands in history have become synonymous with their industry. How do brands become so distinctive? From the type of packaging to the logo, down to the product design itself, branding a winning product has everything to do with design. From Apple to Starbucks, a genius design-led branding strategy can be boiled down into a few key principles.


How Blockchain Is Transforming Supply Chain Management

Technology by nature is designed to create efficiencies. Nowhere is that spirit of progressive innovation more important than in the U.S. manufacturing sector, which accounts for over $2.3 trillion in gross domestic product, or roughly 11 percent of the overall economic output of the entire country.


How to build a successful marketing strategy with Influencers and great content

Digital marketing is expanding in a world of almost infinite possibilities, where every bit of strategy matters: there’s always the alternative that the one you chose a might not perform well on its own. In that scenario, content marketing and influencer marketing are two sides of the same coin and they could and must work together to build a strong strategy.


The Importance Of Haptic Gloves In Optimizing VR For Design

Virtual reality (VR) provides designers with the ability to generate and view three dimensional (3D) digital objects like never before. Instead of relying on 2D representations, designers can walk around 3D assets, view them from underneath or above, and use handheld remotes to create or adjust orientations.


How AI Has Advanced During the 21st Century and Where it’s Headed

Since the 1950’s artificial intelligence has been continuing to advance. Particularly in the past few years, AI has made its way, in one for or another, into the lives of the general population. As we’ve watched this technology progress, the controversy over whether or not its development should continue rages on.

4 Gadgets That Will Make Life Easier in 2018 and Beyond

We constantly hear about the latest tech updates such as the newest iPhone or latest Tesla model, but there is so much amazing, life-changing technology being created each year that you may not know about.

Ground-Breaking Tech of 2018

Every year the number of U.S. patent applications increases. This means that each year there are substantially more inventors creating new technology than the year before.

4 Methods for Adopting Cloud Computing in 2018

Most technology professionals would agree that cloud computing is here to stay. With advancements in cybersecurity and a clearer understanding of how the cloud functions, a large number of businesses will refine their IT strategies and implement cloud-based solutions this year.

How prs companies and pros can use big data to their advantage

There are so many ways in which big data is being used in professional industries. According to a Gartner study, almost 75% of companies have invested in big data in 2016-2017.

Ms. Digital Diva: How to Take Advantage of Live Streaming for Your Small Business

There’s a charming women’s clothing boutique a few blocks from my home that’s become a huge hit since moving into the neighborhood, and one thing that’s helped their business bloom is the owner’s social media expertise. On top of the basic social media presence, she also makes great use of Facebook’s live stream feature.

Thought Leaders on Tech Stress Triggers and Solutions: Stress Awareness Month

Whether you’re working at a large tech company or a start-up, stress is probably a regular part of your life. April is Stress Awareness Month so let’s take a look at some typical stress triggers from both large tech companies and smaller start-ups.

How Businesses Can Use Technology to Reduce Costs

No matter your field, the underlying goal of any business is to make a profit.

This is achieved through various practices, evolutions, and lots of trial and error. One common trend business giants are picking up on is the adoption of new technology.

Emerging Techs: What Top Tech Leaders are Saying in 2018

As technology advances, thought leadership in the field changes continuously. Currently, there are many company leaders that are impacting the tech world and helping to push the industry forward.