How TweetBinder Can Augment Your Social-listening Campaigns

Brands are increasingly turning to social media to measure sentiment about their products and services. Businesses integrate social-listening tools into their online marketing campaigns so they can track, analyze and respond to online conversations about their brand. One platform brands look to perform well on is Twitter. Brands review comments on the site to hear what consumers have to say about them and their competitors. One tool companies use to measure brand sentiment on Twitter is TweetBinder.

What is Tweet Binder?
Tweet Binder is a Twitter analytics too that allows users to analyze anything shared on Twitter, whether it’s hashtags, keywords, links or accounts.

The tracking tool allows users to create reports of up to 500 tweets with data from the last seven days. The integrated platform provides users with access to Twitter historical data and real-time tracking analysis.

What can I do with a social listening tool?
Through social listening on Twitter, users can analyze any tweet from any point in time.

Tweet Binder offers reports that can track tweets from any time in the past. Users can find the 30-day reports that analyze up to 35,000 tweets and historical reports that can extend to any time span, for any hashtag or campaign.

The tweets enter the system immediately following their share, and the data appears updated just seconds after the tweets enter the report. These reports are a way to track campaigns, allowing social managers to monitor events and get immediate data.

In addition, Tweet Binder offers custom services to display the analyzed data. Tweet Binder’s Social Walls optimize the customers’ data and interactions. The tool also has custom web data visualization services to empower the campaigns and products, including social data, in a unique way.

How can I use Tweet Binder?
Tweet Binder just requests to log in with a Twitter account in order to start creating reports.

After logging in with a Twitter handle, users have to fill the search box with the hashtag, keyword or link that they want analyzed and click the “Create Twitter report!” button. The tool then starts collecting recent tweets and creates an advanced report within seconds.

What is inside a Tweet Binder Twitter report?

The reports include information such as the number of tweets, retweets, shares and complete user-rankings. These rankings help to easily detect the most active, popular, highly mentioned accounts.

Social listening goes beyond counting metrics to demonstrate to businesses how potential consumers feel about their brand and their competitors. Social listening helps brands derive insights from social data, in order to proactively plan their next campaign.

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Maite Muruzábal is the Communication and Marketing Manager of Tweet Binder. Her aim is to make customers love and understand data and to help others see the value behind each social media analytics.

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