How Technology Affects Productivity and Growth

Employers everywhere are trying to find ways for their employees to be more productive so that their company can grow and thrive. Today we live in such a modern world and the thing that every company should use to grow is technology!

Some people might say that technology can be a distraction to employees, however, using the right tech in the proper areas of your organization can bring lots of benefits to both employer and employee. These benefits can be available throughout all levels of the company.

If you are wondering how technology can affect productivity, you have come to the right place. Here are 5 ways technology will help your company grow and be productive.

1. Allows Remote Working

When you get the opportunity to work remotely, you control when you allow distractions and communication with employers or employees in your day, which can leave more time for you to get into your zone. Your employers will also have more energy throughout the day because they won’t be exhausted from daily commutes.

An experiment with a Chinese call center concluded that employees who were able to work from home were actually 13% more productive than their in-office counterparts, which they said was due to having quieter working conditions at home. The experiment even showed that employees working from home took fewer breaks and sick days.

Perhaps your company is not about remote working but still allows some time to work at home. Having technology that allows you to work from home will allow you to be more reachable. Technology like personal devices such as phones or computers allows employers to hit their deadlines remotely if needed instead of waiting until the next Monday for your employers to finish their projects. Not only will this help productivity, but it will help your employees to be happier in their work.

2. Ability to Collaborate

Technology allows for employees to come together and discuss ideas, find a solution to a problem and to create something new. There are simple technological tools you can use like cloud-based note taking. This allows your team members to collaborate anytime and anywhere.

Employees will also be able to hold meetings whether they are in the office, working from home or out on business. Adding collaboration technology into your day-to-day operations and your business can enjoy up to a 30% increase in productivity. Jamie Thornberry says,

In relation to productivity, the office software packages such as G-suite, MS office and Adobe have revolutionized [our] office productivity over the last few years. Documents can now be signed on the go and designs signed and approved via a mobile device.”

You can use many collaboration suits such as slack, Asana or ProSky. These collaboration suits are used to provide an all-in-one environment where members can execute projects and discuss any plans they need to make.

These programs have all the tools necessary to be beneficial for every person involved. By adding collaborations suits to your company, you can eliminate any meetings that are unnecessary. You will end ups saving time, money and resources. Also, you will be able to connect to your employers and employees will be able to connect with each other.

3. Organization

Technology can help to organize every task that you need to complete and improve productivity along the way. Technology will minimize your employees taking unnecessary steps or getting overwhelmed with all the tasks they have to complete.

Sharing folders with each other online will help improve productivity because you no longer have to walk over to someone else’s office to get the paperwork that you need. Everything will be shared in online folders which are easy to access! Eric Anderson of el Mejor Trato shares his experience saying,  

“Cloud computing allowed us to store information or applications on a remote server that our employees can access and where they can create, visualize and share data. This has facilitated various tasks, such as file sharing, virtual meetings, banking services and the hosting of our Web sites. We have even posted training for new employees, who can receive it directly from there.”

Sharing folders or using management apps will let team members know who is working on what. It clearly outlines deadlines, tasks dependencies and any problems that arise. This can also make it easy for employees to track the history of changes that were made to a document. Team members can quickly see who made changes and find clarifications if necessary.  

4. Networking

It’s hard to imagine networking without technology! It was extremely common to have business cards with you at all times so that when you are visiting with other companies you can connect with them to help grow your company. But where would those business cards actually end up? Perhaps a drawer with hundreds of other business cards. Your chance of networking was very slim.

Now, with technology you are able to use tools like Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to connect. Having these platforms allow you to keep your connections organized and you know they will never be accidentally thrown away. They are stored for life unless you delete them of course.

Having this bigger pool of networking can help develop sales and business opportunities. Networking can also help you find the right employees to hire. When you hire good employees, you have a better chance of finding those who are more productive which in return affects the productivity of the company.

5. Marketing

Marketing allows companies to Improve products, monitor customer feedback, generate leads, and build awareness. Using technology, such as content management systems, allows you to market and grow your company better. For example, you can expand your customer outreach by using social media. From responding to customer complaints and questions on social media to establishing your business by creating your own niche.

Not only will you be able to expand your customer pool but you will be able to get your business out there but using online advertising. Online advertising is affordable and effective. You can also target your ads to a specific group and add specific metrics to your adds to track and analyze what is going on. This will help you to know how your products are doing and what more you can do to grow your company.

Productivity affects almost all aspects of business such as payroll, revenue, employee retention, customer satisfaction, company culture, work environment, employee experience, and company identity. By using technology you are able to positively affect your company. Technology is also constantly evolving. New tools are being created all the time to increase productivity and growth. But it’s up to you to invest in your company by using technology to make it thrive.

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