How Dedicated Hosting Servers Can Help Secure Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce is currently a worldwide phenomenon, with more people buying online instead of going to the store physically. While this is a welcome trend for most online store owners, along with the good comes the risks.

Hackers and internet criminals are looking for a chance to take advantage of less protected stores. Online businesses need to know how to protect their online stores. We explore how dedicated hosting servers can help secure e-commerce websites.

What Is a Dedicated Hosting Server?
It's a computer that’s set aside to perform a specific task. It can be to host a particular website or a resource-rich program.

When a business requests a dedicated server, the hosting company usually sets aside one machine. It handles all the companies' web requirements. A managed server will provide your company with cloud-based hosting with the security of a private resource center.

Why Get a Dedicated Server?
If like any other business owner, you have hopes of growing your business exponentially, then you should consider getting a dedicated server from the start. If your store grows, you're likely to need it in the future anyway. Technically, customers won't know or care where you host your website; however, they’ll see a difference when using your site.

Slow loading pages, glitches, and technical errors will leave most customers unsatisfied with their experience. It will result in fewer customers coming back after the first visit. A few stats show that on average, visitors will only wait two seconds for a site to load. Dedicated servers mean faster loading times.

Ultimately the most crucial reason to have a dedicated machine is to increase your site's security. Not only do you need to protect your customers but your site's data too.

Security Matters
You have a responsibility to ensure that your client's data is safe while using your website and stays safe after they’ve left. Data integrity is one of the most crucial aspects of any online store. With dedicated server hosting by Accuweb Hosting or any other premium hosting company, you can rest assured that they have your website protected.

The companies usually have a set of procedures or protocols in place, so you don't need to worry. The host will update any software packages on your server. It will also limit access to the server with only one super administrator. Any other access will have limited permissions so that there’s little chance for data breaches.

The host company takes care of backups and general maintenance of the server. If there ever is a breach by chance, it will likely get picked up and sorted by your hosting company before you even know. Having a dedicated machine will also provide you with https hosting.

It is not only a new google ranking requirement, but it's also the basic level of protection you can offer visitors. It prevents hackers from intercepting any data that passes between your website and your client's browser.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dedicated Server
As with anything in business, there are advantages and limitations to having a dedicated server. We summarize the important ones below.

- Network connection with no interruptions
- Faster page loading times
- A smoother shopping experience for customers
- Increased security with fewer chances for cyber-attacks
- A unique IP address for better ranking

- A dedicated server is expensive
- No physical access to the server
- Technically complex to set up and understand

The internet can be dangerous for business owners that want to sell online but aren't aware of the risks involved. When it comes to running an e-commerce store, there’s a lot to consider. Security for your site, as well as keeping customer's data safe, is of utmost importance.

A dedicated server will take a lot of the hard work and fear away. It will provide your site with enhanced security features, prevent cyber-attacks, and give customers better shopping experiences. It's best to let the professionals take care of your website on the dedicated server while you focus on growing your business.

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