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Domino’s Takes Aim At Food Delivery Apps With $50 Million of Free Food

The best things in life are free, right? Well, Domino’s is giving customers a chance to combine two of the best things in life: food that’s free. The company’s “Surprise Frees” program is a direct response to the extra fees that apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats tack onto each of their customer’s delivery totals. Instead of adding extra fees to their delivery totals, the pizza chain announced that it’ll be giving away frees, $50 million dollars’ worth of free food to customers that are tired of additional costs.

“Other delivery apps give you surprise FEES (like, what’s a city fee?), but we’re giving away $50,000,000 in Surprise FREES (including what u see above),” the Domino’s posted to their Instagram on Monday, referencing the picture of a pizza pie and adding the hashtag #freesnotfees.

Wondering how it works? Lucky Domino’s customers that order online now through November 21 could get an added menu item for free, including pizza, cheesy bread or chocolate lava cakes. Domino’s noted that the free food will be added to one in every 14 orders, giving each customer about a 7% chance of winning each time they order.

Customers will be informed that they’ve won on the order confirmation page and in their confirmation email. Once the order is delivered, winners will also find a special Surprise Frees sticker placed on the box containing the free item (no, you can’t exchange it).

Why is Domino’s Taking Aim at UberEats and DoorDash?

Food delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash have frustrated some customers by adding additional fees in some US cities just before checkout. These charges are the result of local governments implementing permanent fee caps that limit how much third-party delivery platforms can charge merchants in an effort to help businesses that’re struggling.

“We charge customers one straightforward delivery fee because we believe that level of transparency is what customers want and deserve,” Domino’s said on their website.

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