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Tech Companies to Watch in 2020

The past decade brought huge success for tech companies such as Airbnb, Postmates, Google, and Apple; but upcoming advancements in AI and cloud computing software have set the stage for the 2020s to bring even more technological growth. Advancements in technology have made it possible for businesses to take their products and services completely online, […]

Now We’re Cooking with Tech

In the age of The Great British Baking Show, Michael Pollan’s books and documentaries, and social media moguls preaching wellness and detoxes, what we cook and eat is seemingly becoming a bigger part of our lives than ever before. With busy schedules and long work hours, it can be difficult to find time to cook […]

TV Over the Years: How Things Have Changed

November 21st is World Television Day. As such, it seems appropriate to take a journey through the evolution of television over the years, both physically, and in the ways we watch.  The word television originates from the ancient greek word “tele” (meaning far) and the Latin word “visio” (meaning sight). Quite literally, it means seeing […]

How Technology is Changing Education

With a new school year upon us, it’s important to take the time to understand the way modern technology is changing the way students are educated. From the inclusion of laptops and tablets in the classroom, to smartboards and interactive learning platforms, technology is more integrated into the learning environment than ever before. With the […]