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7 Best Workout Apps For At-Home Fitness

Even before the start of the pandemic, many people relied upon fitness apps to keep them moving. Why? Because there is no commitment, you can make your own schedule and they are cheaper than a gym membership or elite spinning classes (some of the best workout apps are even free). You can pick a training […]

Walmart Experiments With Autonomous Delivery

Walmart, America’s largest retailer, continues to experiment with the technologies of the future. On November 10, Walmart announced a partnership with Cruise, a self-driving car company and a subsidiary of General Motors headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Testing will begin in the first quarter of 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ. Prior to this partnership, Walmart worked […]

Update: Prop 22 Passed In California. What Does This Mean for Delivery Drivers?

Proposition 22 was approved by 58% of California voters out of the November 3 elections. Now, gig workers who drive for delivery and rideshare apps are deemed independent contractors rather than employees. This proposition marked the most expensive ballot measure in the state’s history and comes with added benefits for delivery gig economy players like […]