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The Parler Data Breach Explained

An alternative right-wing popularized social media network, Parler, faced a data breach amid political tensions in the United States presidential election. The scandal showcases just how vulnerable these apps are to accessing users’ personal information, and just how much of that information users should give at sign-up. Parler was founded in 2018 as a conservative […]

Indoor Farming is Blooming: What’s Next?

A recent study suggested that indoor farming can help save water and soil. Moreover, when the COVID-19 pandemic exposed long-ignored food supply chain issues, including but not limited to shipment delays and inadequate demand forecasting, indoor farms and vertical farms contributed to the solution. A number of controlled-environment farming companies, including AeroFarms, Elevate Farms, Plenty, […]

7 Best Workout Apps For At-Home Fitness

Even before the start of the pandemic, many people relied upon fitness apps to keep them moving. Why? Because there is no commitment, you can make your own schedule and they are cheaper than a gym membership or elite spinning classes (some of the best workout apps are even free). You can pick a training […]