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Why Should Small Businesses and Startups Hire Full Stack Developers

Full stack development is one of the popular trends in the modern software industry worldwide, especially in small businesses and startups. In all major software development markets, the number of startups and small businesses has grown. Consequently, significant demand for full stack engineers has emerged.Full stack developer is the fourth fastest-growing job with an annual […]

How to Use AI for Social Listening

Understanding your target audience is essential for the success of your marketing efforts.Apart from collecting all the relevant information about your customers, such as their needs, interests, preferences and pain points, you should also obtain feedback regarding their satisfaction with your products, services and brand.However, that’s not always enough, as it’s likely that many customers […]

7 Tech Tools to Master Remote Communication During COVID-19

Before COVID-19 nearly 50% of millennials worked as freelancers. The current worldwide pandemic has increased the number of remote workers exponentially. Here are a few tools to investigate for safe, remote communication.Remote Desktop AppsTo successfully communicate and work remotely, a desktop app on a secure computer is necessary. Never use a shared computer or public […]