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Food delivery courier riding a bike in the rain

Chicago Sues Grubhub and DoorDash for Scamming Partners

On Friday, the city of Chicago filed lawsuits against delivery giants DoorDash and Grubhub, which contend that both broke the law by using misleading and unfair business tactics that hurt restaurants, delivery workers and consumers during COVID-19. “It is deeply concerning and unfortunate that these companies broke the law during these incredibly difficult times, using […]

A bag of groceries and package sitting outside an apartment building on the floor

Walmart Launches New Delivery Service GoLocal

Even though Amazon recently took Walmart’s title as the world’s largest retail seller, Walmart has announced the commercialization of its delivery service, Walmart GoLocal. The retail giant’s delivery service is a move that’ll help businesses, small and large, deliver goods to patrons through contract workers, autonomous vehicles and even drones. Walmart initially started its delivery […]

Toy cars with Lyft and Uber signs on them

California’s Gig Worker Law Prop 22 Ruled Unconstitutional. What Comes Next?

Members of California gig worker advocacy groups were able to express a bit of excitement on Saturday about Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch’s Friday ruling against Proposition (Prop) 22. The ruling, which caused shares of delivery giants Uber and Lyft to fall in premarket trading early Monday morning, has been ruled “unconstitutional” and “unenforceable” since […]

Warehouse full of shelves of packages

Amazon vs. Walmart: Who Wins at Shopping?

It’s officially Amazon’s world and we’re all just living in it. At least that’s the way it feels considering Amazon, the largest e-commerce company outside of China, has recently been named the world’s largest retail seller. Yes, they’re bigger than Walmart now. According to estimates from Wall Street reported by the New York Times, consumers […]