Best WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

As a digital content marketer using WordPress, you may already be aware of the vast array of WordPress plugins at your disposal. However, knowing which plugins are best for your site can be a little confusing.

There are many kinds of plugins available that have all sorts of different uses: SEO and lead generation, formatting, form builders and much more. Because the market is so heavily saturated, you’ll need to do plenty of research before choosing which to use rather than simply springing for the first ones that pop up on a list.

WordPress plugins are meant to improve the base product and tailor the site to suit your needs. For example, if you have a site that’s heavy with images, you may want to use the ShortPixel Image Optimizer or the WP Smush Pro plugin to help improve page speed and optimize your images.

Depending on whether or not you use advertisements on your WP site, you may consider using the AdSanity plugin to better manage your ads.

Just about everyone who owns a WordPress site should have CleanTalk installed. This is a top-rated plugin that filters out comments that may be spam or contain dodgy web links and can keep your site from being accessed by unwelcome visitors.

Another mainstay for professional content marketers is Yoast SEO for WordPress. Yoast is a great all-in-one combination of the functionalities found in many plugins. It acts to review your content and point out any errors found. It can also generate recommended keywords and offer tips for improving your content.

Jetpack for WordPress is another favourite choice for over 4 million users that offers a host of time-saving features such as:

· “Lazy” image loading
· A choice of website themes
· Ad programs
· Automated social media posting
· Customization tools
· Built-in security features
· Marketing insights and analytics
· SEO tools for ranking in search engines

Schema Rich Snippets is another plugin that gives your SEO a real boost by creating a more attractive snippet within your search engine results. It can also help with:

· Better rankings in search results
· Parsing relevant information for search engine snippet results
· Interactive snippets
· Ensuring the correct information is displayed on Facebook

Lead generation and marketing plugins

No matter which plugins you choose to use with your WordPress site, the goal is to make your visitor experience so valuable and engaging that you convert visitors to customers as smoothly as possible. This task can be tricky, but fortunately there are plugins that can help.

The Bloom plugin from Elegant Themes was created specifically as an aid for lead generation and email opt-in. Its aim is to encourage loyalty among your site visitors by motivating them to sign up for your email subscription. As we all know, supplying your captured email list with valuable content helps to build trust in your business and so encourages more sales conversions and loyalty to your brand over the long term.

Another “cute” plugin to consider is OptInMonster, which also offers conversion optimization to help boost sales. (We say “cute” because its mascot bears a certain resemblance to Monsters, Inc. character Mike Wazowski.)

Social media plugins

Another form of lead generation is through using the might and popularity of social media sites to your advantage. It’s common knowledge that the social media landscape is ever-changing and quite difficult to maintain. It’s also hard to keep up with every new social media plugin update.

Sometimes it can be easier to have a trained professional look after the upkeep and maintenance of your website rather than struggle to keep up with everything by yourself. Having the right support in place can save you time and effort that could be more valuably invested in growing your business. That’s why you should look at hiring a trusted divi website designer to help support you and your website and keep things running smoothly.

Back to choosing social media plugins: Here we would suggest the Click to Tweet plugin that adds a little bird icon to your toolbar. This allows you to effortlessly embed click-to-tweets from just about anywhere.

If you’re now worried that by adding so many plugins you’ll be seriously affecting the speed of your website, don't worry. Most new plugins are designed to cause as little impact as possible while running. For example, using the Floating Social Bar plugin not only adds a social share bar to your site to make it easier for visitors to share your posts, but it does this while maintaining your site speed.

Don't overdo things

Having said that you shouldn't worry too much about overloading your WordPress site with plugins, you should still bear in mind that you can overdo things. Remember: prioritize quality over quantity.

Only install the plugins that you really need and that offer you the most useful in-build functions. There’s no point in adding a plugin for the sake of it if doesn't serve your needs well, because you’ll never make use of it. Just because a plugin is well-designed doesn’t mean you need to have it on your site. For example, why install an affiliate management plugin if you don't have or intend to have affiliates working with you?

It can take a while to read up about the features offered by different plugins, so allow yourself some research time to thoroughly explore what each plugin has to offer. If Plugin A does everything that Plugin B and C does, then choosing Plugin A makes more sense. Having too much overlap is counterproductive will only lead to more redundant information and analytics to wade through.

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