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Why We Need Leaders Who Listen

In times of prosperity and calm, leadership can seem straightforward, if not exactly easy. But what about during anxious and uncertain times like these? Clearly, leadership in today’s deeply unsettled environment is tough and demanding.Your team may be struggling to adapt to working remotely for the first time. In the midst of a pandemic and […]

Main Things to Know About Flexible Time Off

Workplace flexibility is a fast-growing trend. An increasing number of companies worldwide now encourage their employees to work remotely. Some set up flexible coworking areas at their facilities as an alternative to traditional office environments. Other modern businesses also let their team members choose when to start and end their workdays. As employees gain more […]

Workplace Technology Innovations to Facilitate Social Distancing

Without technology, quarantine would have meant isolation. The coronavirus crisis considerably increased employer attention to software solutions and slick gadgets, which are now rapidly accelerating their development into the workplace.It was tech that connected co-workers during the past few months, and paradoxically, it will help keep everyone six feet away in the post-lockdown office. Alternating […]