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About Us

Welcome to Enlightened Digital, a digital magazine dedicated to the top tech and business news, updates and analyses from around the web!

Our aim is also to explore how these changes affect business growth and professional development for women. We will go beyond typical news reporting to analyze the impact of emerging technologies.

We believe that delivering objective facts and figures on the newest releases and events in the tech world no longer suffices to keep consumers informed.

As new technology and updates hurl businesses faster and faster into a future that seems less predictable, we will try to make sense of not only what is happening, but why, and how it impacts our lives.

Our Contributors

Sara Carter

Co-founder of Enlightened Digital, entrepreneur, and Bostonian. I spend my days writing code, chasing my children and/or dog, and perfecting my brownie recipe.

Maddie Davis

Co-founder of Enlightened Digital and tech-obsessed female from the Big Apple. I live by building and redesigning websites, running marathons, and reading anything and everything on the NYT Best Sellers list.

Amanda Peterson

Contributor to Enlightened Digital and software engineer from the one, the only New York City. When I’m not trying to find the best record store in the city, you can find me curling up to watch some Netflix with my Puggle, Hendrix.

Brian Thomas

Contributor to Enlightened Digital, long-distance cyclist, and lifelong advocate for women in business from Philadelphia. Tech and business are my lifeblood, but I’m also a fanatic of brewpubs and just about every sports team in Philadelphia.

Marie Johnson

Contributor to Enlightened Digital, UX Designer and business & technology writer from New York City. If I’m not writing my latest blog post in my kitchen, you'll likely find me strolling through Central Park, cappuccino in hand.

Simon Clark

Tech and business writer from Seattle and contributor to Enlightened Digital. Coffee aficionado who when not in the office can be found hiking.