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Maddie Davis | Co-founder

Hi there, Maddie here!

I am a co-founder of Enlightened Digital alongside Sara, whom I met when she supervised my first post-grad internship. Nowadays, I reside in the Big Apple, where my job is building and redesigning websites.

I first got into tech when I got my first graphing calculator in high school. After one of my science teachers showed me how I could install apps on it, I was hooked. All the computer classes I took in high school, as rudimentary as they were, were my favorites. Every day, I looked forward to exploring more ways of pushing the boundaries and utilizing this technology to its full potential. I also helped out with our school AV Club and ran the soundboard for our drama club shows, all signs of a burgeoning tech nerd.

As a former theatre kid living in a city with such a vibrant theatre scene, my dream job would probably be a technical director on Broadway. I also enjoy running half-marathons and reading as many books from the NYT Best Sellers list as possible.

I think the complexity and the capabilities of tech are an incredible gift, but it’s a gift that needs to be used wisely, so I believe we need to use it responsibly and intelligently. That’s why I love writing about the connection between tech and the overarching issues our world is facing today.

Cheers, Maddie

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