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Amanda Peterson | Contributor

Hello fellow tech friends, I’m Amanda

A contributor to Enlightened Digital as well as a New Yorker and an avid music lover. By day, I am a software engineer, but I love keeping up with all the developments and goings-on in the tech world whenever I get a chance.

I can vividly remember watching Back to the Future Part II for the first time, and the fires of my imagination were instantly stoked as I dreamed about all the technological possibilities the future could hold. Although I’m still holding out for a hoverboard (a true hoverboard, not those poor imitations with wheels), I’m so excited to be living in an age of such rapid tech development.

From then on, science courses were always my most-loved. Like Sara and Brian, I also enjoyed deconstructing and rebuilding things, which eventually led to me pursuing a degree in software engineering. Women studying to be engineers were even less common back then than they are now, so I faced my fair share of prejudice and condescension, but that experience led to my current passion project of getting girls interested in technology and tech-related jobs.

As someone who loves learning multiple languages, one of my favorites is the language of tech. It’s truly a binding force that has a tremendous ability to help us all communicate with and understand each other better, if we wield it correctly. That’s why I find it such a fulfilling topic to write about.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me!


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