8 Significant Ways to Measure Event Success

Do you know how to measure the success rate of your event? Are you interested in knowing the best KPI’s to measure the event success? Here’s the simple solution to all the questions!  

Event Planning and event strategy define the event success rate and help organizers plan for an incredible event experience for the attendees.

According to Event Genioso, “84% of marketers say that attendee engagement solutions are the biggest trend in maximizing event success”

The KPI’s listed are solely personalized from one organization to the other. Some event organizers may integrate various other KPI’s that may give them better results! The purpose to define a few essential events KPI’s is to improve the event strategy that will reap better results; hence improvise on the event success rate!

So, let’s have a look at some of the helpful KPI’s that helps in measuring event success:

  • Tracking Social Media Activity – Every attendee in the present era is social. Social media activity is an utmost crucial KPI that helps in measuring event success. The number of retweets, likes, and shares can easily contribute to the engagement rate. With these metrics, one can also measure what sessions, speakers, booths were most loved by the attendees!


  • Attendee Feedback and Surveys – Genuine feedback from the event attendees helps in understanding their event experience better and therefore, helps in measuring the event success. It has also been observed that questions that are direct and have options where the attendees have to score on a scale of 1 to 10 have been helpful in measuring the success rate.
  • Keep a track of check-ins – One of the key ingredients that directly lead to the measuring of event success is with the count of how many attendees showed up at the event. You can also cross-check the check-in attendee data with that of the registered attendee data which will help you as an event organizer for future events.
  • Easy Tracking with Event App – Event technology has grown its roots deeply into all kinds of events globally. Event app is one of the most used event tech features by the organizers. Not only it enhances the attendee experience but also provides the event organizers with app analytics that helps them in measuring event success rate. Event App Analytics can provide you with the exact numbers of downloads of the app, active users of the app, engagement analytics and so on. This way the organizers can also create a leaderboard of the most active users!
  • Live polls and quizzes analytics – One of the best and tested ways to measure the event success rate is with the live polls and quizzes. The amount of engagement live polls gets directly indicates the interest level of attendees and help them in understand what session was most successful and had attendee’s attention in the live polls.
  • Event Registrations – Most sureshot way to determine the event success rate is to look at the registration analytics. If the event organizer has planned to keep the registrations open for more than a month or so, they can even track the registration rate monthly and compare the sales monthly! There are various event registration and ticketing platforms that ease up the task of event organisers. Event ticketing analytics also gives you gross revenue the organizer is achieving with the sale of events tickets.
  • Revenue – A KPI which needs to be taken in the count for cross-examination of the achieved revenue goals and the pre-set revenue goals by the event organizers. Event Success is totally measurable if the event organizer’s target goals for the revenue have been achieved.

“82% of marketers consider Event ROI a valuable metric in defining event success – Certain Inc.

  • Marketing ROI – Surprisingly, e-mail marketing is not that old-school! Keeping old-school, event organizers still send e-mail invites and newsletters to the attendee list. Measuring the e-mail open rate can also provide insights into the event organizers on what the attendees prefer and read!

Event Management software vendors are providing all kinds of services integrated into the all-in-one platform and also simplifying the work of event organizers and planners. The analytics module that’s integrated into most of the provided features and solutions of event management software is an effective way to measure the event success rate!


Author Bio: Juhi Purswani is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive in Hubilo. She is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. You can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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