7 Tech Tools to Master Remote Communication During COVID-19

Before COVID-19 nearly 50% of millennials worked as freelancers. The current worldwide pandemic has increased the number of remote workers exponentially. Here are a few tools to investigate for safe, remote communication.

Remote Desktop Apps
To successfully communicate and work remotely, a desktop app on a secure computer is necessary. Never use a shared computer or public Wi-Fi for work or you may leave yourself and your company open to data theft.

Find a desktop app that provides file sharing, real-time chat, screen sharing and diagnostic tools. Kaseya VSA, GoToAssist and Atera are a few of the more highly rated desktop apps.

Robots and tabletop devices allow you to communicate remotely and collaborate in a more natural way. Think of the famous hologram message Princess Leia asking for Obi-Wan Kenobi’s help. Holograms have not been mainstreamed yet, but the possibility exists with new nanomaterials. In the meantime, the best telepresence robots in 2020 are Double 2 by Double Robotics, Ohmni Robot by Ohmni Labs and Ava by Ava Robotics. A telepresence robot that can maneuver through large areas is ideal for communicating with various workspaces.

Real-Time Chats
Real time chat apps allow people to work together from wherever they are. Shared workspaces are less desirable during COVID-19, but collaboration and daily communication must still be available.

Team chat apps like Slack — good for almost any workplace — Microsoft Teams for larger organizations, and Mattermost for self-hosted team chats are just a few of many real-time chat apps that are available and easy to use.

Project Management
As more companies become dependent on remote landscapes it can mean information may be lost in space. This is obviously not good. Project management software allows managers and entire teams to control quality, budget, and documentation.

Basecamp is a company that has been on the forefront of remote technologies for businesses for 20 years. The tools they provide for project management and internal communication are time tested and can help your company to become a more fluid, well organized and productive business.

Administration, team management, product strategies and marketing can all be taken care of in one place, with nothing falling through the proverbial cracks. There are other project management software companies like ProofHub, Zoho Projects and Nifty.

Keep Track of Time
One of the easiest ways to sabotage your productivity is to lose track of the amount of time you spend on a project, or not. Time management tools are a good resource for the common problem of falling down the rabbit hole.

RescueTime is an app that helps you use your time wisely with an automatic time tracker and great report tools and allows to work in teams. Remember the Milk, besides having a cool name, is a free tool that is compatible with your mobile phone, computer, and all emails. You can sync all your devices to manage your tasks and receive gentle reminders of upcoming events. If procrastination is a productivity issue, try Focus Keeper, an app for procrastinators and those who have anxieties over deadlines.

Internet Safety
As more people become remote and work from home workers it is vital for businesses to provide adequate safeguards for their data. Create a cybersecurity plan and educate all employees on policies and procedures. Install antiviral and antispyware software and never leave a business computer untended.

Use strong passwords that are changed at least every quarter. Track, monitor, and audit network access regularly. Keep Wi-Fi networks separate for business and change the settings on networks to hide them from unauthorized users. Keep stored data encrypted.

Tech tools evolve constantly so it is imperative to keep yourself up to date on apps, devices and techniques that allow you to communicate not just during COVID-19 but into the future.

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