6 Productivity Apps That Will Help You Get Things Done

You probably hoped that without a commute or time spent at the water cooler you would have no trouble focusing. In reality, since the lockdown started, you’ve likely felt less productive than ever. We’re all guilty of reading more news than we can digest and over-enjoying Netflix, but the work won’t do itself. Luckily, our phones and computers don’t just distract us from work, they can also help us get things done. Enter productivity apps.


You need to remember your goals to have a hope of achieving them. Marketed under the slogan “From overwhelmed to on top of it,” Todoist lets you quickly add and organize tasks, including recurring tasks, set reminders, share tasks with friends and family members. The app gives you points and titles for completing tasks. Todoist can be integrated with Google Calendar, Trello, Zapier, Jira, Alexa, Slack, Gmail, Microsoft Teams and many other apps.

Availability: Available on iOS and Android
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Loved by students and creatives, Evernote is a note-taking app that supports sketches, photos and audio, as well as text. The app auto-syncs across your devices, so that you can access important information anytime and anywhere.

Availability: Available on iOS and Android
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This free app aims to provide users with freedom from distractions. Freedom allows you to block certain websites, apps or the whole world wide web. You can create recurring distraction-free sessions to build positive habits. Freedom is available as an app and also as a browser extension. If you get both, they will sync automatically.

Availability: Available on iOS and Android
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Habitica is a task management & habit-tracking app that uses gamification to keep you motivated. You create an avatar, then set up daily tasks (going to the gym, calling your mom, washing the dishes right after meals) and then you check them off and get Experience and Gold. Those can be used to upgrade your character and unlock more content.

Availability: Available on iOS and Android
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Great for super busy people, Due is a reminder app that is known for being very persistent. It won’t stop reminding you of a task or a deadline till you mark it as complete or reschedule it. Due costs $6.99.

Availability: Available on iOS
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MindMeister is frequently used by creatives and project managers for mind mapping, brainstorming and note-taking. It allows collaborative access and multimedia attachments. The app also lets you create beautiful presentations.

Availability: Available on iOS and Android
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