5 Tips for Choosing the Best Website DDoS Protection Service

A DDoS attack, or a Distributed-Denial-of-Service attack, occurs when a website or online service is flooded by traffic from various sources in an attempt to make that service unavailable to users. To ensure you’re secure from DDoS attacks, you may want to purchase DDoS mitigation services. This leaves all your DDoS concerns in the habds of a specialized entity, freeing you to focus on your own business full time.

However, knowing which questions to ask, analyzing prices against benefits, and ultimately choosing a DDoS protection service provider can be challenging, if you don’t know what to look for. That’s why we’ve put together 5 tips to help you choose the best DDoS protection service provider for your business.

Defining DDoS attacks and protection
Not only is this question necessary to determine your service provider’s legitimacy, it also makes it easier for you to decide if their services can meet your needs. If their options confuse you or turn out to be different from what you were expecting, this exchange can give you an opportunity to discuss your requirements and receive recommendations.

Types of mitigation
Make sure you get technical details from your prospective service provider. The levels of protection and types of mitigation they provide are the core of their service, and it’s essential you know the details on how you’ll benefit. Again, this is made easier by laying out your requirements beforehand and discussing each of them to establish the expanse of their coverage.

Technical details
This information should be shared with you upfront. Even if you’re not tech savvy enough to know all the details, it’s still good to ask for two reasons. First, there’s bound to be important information revealed along the way. Second, asking for the details sends the service provider a message that you actually care about how they plan to protect you.

PSI SSC certification
The PSI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) ensures = service providers follow 12 standards for data security. This is an important certification that will allow you to comfortably entrust your site’s or service’s safety to a third party. If they aren’t able to maintain this widely respected security certification, they’re clearly not worth your time.

Keep an open mind
Smaller service providers might provide a better service, as their focus spanns a smaller consumer base than those of the larger service providers. Instead of going for the biggest service provider around, you may want to shortlist three or four smaller service providers, paying attention to the level of personalization they offer and publicly available reviews of their service.

DDoS attacks have become increasingly common in recent years with the rise of botnets that can commandeer hundreds of machines (or more) to do their dirty work. By some estimates, 12 computers are infected by DDoS botnets per second. Should you suffer a DDoS attack, it can not only cause lost revenue, it can also cause real damage to your brand’s reputation. Play it safe and put your safety first. It will be a great investment for your business.

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