4 Reasons Why Sales Enablement Matters to Marketers

Though it may sound like it’s purely within the purview of sales reps, sales enablement can act as a powerful end-to-end solution that supports both sales and marketing teams. And the benefits to marketing in particular can be empowering ... and ongoing.

It’s a common refrain among marketers that they never feel completely in sync with their sales counterparts. And there’s good reason for the complaint. With SiriusDecisions reporting that 60% to 70% of marketing content goes unused by sellers, it’s no wonder marketers are frustrated when it comes to aligning their messaging with the needs of sales teams. Similarly, marketing teams often send various pieces of content across a wide array of platforms. Without adequate communication, these teams suffer from a vicious cycle of producing sales content without seeing much in the way of return.

If you’re a marketing professional and find yourself similarly stuck, sales enablement might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The right sales enablement plan can organize marketing content, present it to sellers, provide invaluable analytics surrounding buyer and seller engagement, and much more.

Here’s a closer look at how sales enablement can promote lasting, impactful results in-house and out in the field.

Sales enablement cuts through the noise and puts your content front and center

Marketers deal in ideas—all day, every day. As such, you and your team have probably amassed a ton of insightful, actionable marketing content for sales.

But where do you store all of that content? How can sellers be made aware of it? Most importantly, how can they access it when they need it most?

If sales content is lying dormant in the company hard drive or languishing on sellers’ desktops, it’s not doing anyone much good. A sales enablement platform will allow you to centralize all of your various pieces of content, consolidating them into one searchable location that’s easily navigable by marketing and sales reps alike. Once the team safely stores content in the right sales enablement platform, each asset can be kept up-to-date so sellers will always have access to the most recent versions. Teams can also organize content by topic, campaign, audience, project, or any other category. Your content will be placed squarely in the spotlight for all to see, and no one will be left in the dark about which assets exist and where.

Sales enablement brings everyone on board with training in context

When content is easy to find, sales teams can hone in on whatever they need with microscopic precision. No longer will sellers be forced to sift through an endless pile of assets in search of the right content. Instead, an integrated sales enablement platform can leverage advanced sales analytics to match your marketers’ best ideas with the most relevant sales situations. AI-driven sales enablement solutions can offer real-time content suggestions for sales reps looking for the right approach to a specific buyer or scenario—a helpful feature for sellers who say that waves of output from marketing can leave them feeling overwhelmed and underwater.

In addition, cutting-edge sales enablement platforms also support contextual onboarding and training. With these types of solutions, marketers and sellers will have the option to provide pointers on the best way to pitch assets, how to sync specific assets to specific steps in the buyer's journey, and how to maintain brand compliance when tweaking content in pitch decks. Sellers won’t find themselves lost in a sea of content with no course of direction and no safe harbor in sight. With sales enablement, you and your colleagues can ensure your content makes landfall where it’s supposed to.

Sales enablement improves visibility and communication with analytics

The best marketing and sales collaborations play out like a sophisticated tennis match—a dynamic volley between the team that serves up creative content and the team that ultimately scores the buyer contracts. Information should flow freely between the two, and no team should be left to drop the ball.

Consequently, the best sales enablement plans should assume the role of referee, ensuring fair play among the teams and transferring essential data between them. Well-equipped sales enablement platforms offer detailed engagement analytics regarding buyer and seller activity, highlighting which marketing assets are performing well and how often they’re employed. Some sales enablement solutions even go so far as to translate engagement data into a visible dollar figure, using advanced technology to track exactly how much revenue each piece of content has pulled in as of any given date.

Similarly, a comprehensive sales enablement service will encourage open communication between marketing and sales departments, allowing space for training tips, content reviews, and instant engagement notifications—all providing crucial feedback that can improve efficiency and boost revenue as much as 25%, according to a recent report.

Sales enablement improves marketing ROI

Now that buyers are traveling 57% of the way through their purchasing journeys before interacting with sellers, it’s clear why it’s so important to offer the right content at the right time. With a strong sales enablement plan in place, you’ll ensure your marketers are spending their time and effort on the content that sellers needs to win deals. Indeed, an integrated sales enablement approach—one that relies upon communication and analytics to align the marketing and sales teams—can yield an increase of up to 300% for marketing ROI. That’s right; your hard work stands a chance of heightening its impact and broadening its reach by 300% if you enlist the aid of sales enablement. By using tools that measure usage and performance, marketers can radically optimize their content investments and focus on creating content that gets in front of customers and effectively drives revenue.

We hope these points have given you some food for thought as to how a sales enablement solution can break the vicious cycle of marketing and sales misalignment and set your marketers and sellers up to score. By providing a solution to organize content, surface it to sellers, and provide analytics about how sellers and buyers engage with it, sales enablement empowers marketers to create content that is easy to locate and leverage, ensuring everyone—from sellers to buyers to marketers—wins.

Game. Set. Match.

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Ellie Wilkinson is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Highspot, the industry's most advanced sales enablement platform that helps organizations close the loop across marketing, sales, and customers.

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