2019 Tech Gift-Giving Guide: Best Gifts Under $100

The end of the year is here, and surely all the gifts you’ve thoughtfully selected and wrapped to perfection are nicely arranged under your tree as we speak. Right? Ha! Who has time for that? Don’t worry, Enlightened Digital has your back.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best tech gifts of 2019. Check out our selections and find a gift for literally everyone on your list … and everything is under $100 so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

$25 and Under

iPhone Sticky Note Pad ($8)
Sometimes you just need to write. it. down. This adhesive notepad comes with 80 pages that are custom-sized to fit iPhones 5 and newer.

USB Mug Warmer ($10)
What’s worse than a cold cup of coffee? Paying an arm and a leg for a mug warmer.

Cell Phone Jail ($10)
Is someone on your list obsessed with social media? This inventive device can help them sleep soundly.

PopSockets ($10+)
Because it’s never fun to drop your phone on your face when you’re reading in bed. Plus, all the cool kids have them.

Keyboard Covers ($15+)
This inexpensive little gem keeps keyboards clean and isn’t hard on the eyes. It’s the perfect gift for that coworker who always eats a sad desk lunch.

LED Showerhead ($16)
Know someone who could use a little color in their life? This color-changing showerhead will brighten up their morning routine.

eAlarm+ ($20)
Don’t let the small size fool you. This personal alarm can sound for up to 30 minutes at a whopping 130 decibels (as loud as a jet engine).

Shake-N-Wake Alarm ($20)
We all know someone who just can’t seem to get up in the morning. This wearable alarm clock shakes and vibrates when it’s time to wake up.

Rechargeable Book Light ($20)
Bookworms rejoice! This light is small but powerful, with two brightness levels and a flexible neck to adjust to any situation.

Bedside Device Caddy ($20)
This little lifesaver keeps all kinds of devices safe, sound, and nearby. The caddy tucks into a mattress for a secure hold.

$25 to $50

Coding Kits ($30+)
These days, learning coding may is more common than learning cursive. Best for ages 6 to 14, these Kano kits ensure a kid’s first coding experience is a fun one with the help of characters from Frozen 2 or Star Wars.

Keychain Charging Cable ($30)
Function, meet form. Form, meet function. This beautiful charging cable doubles as a keychain so it’s always at the ready.

USB Hand Warmer ($30)
This little cutie is perfect for anyone who works or spends time out in frigid weather. Pick up a couple of these and your mail carrier and your kids’ crossing guard will love you forever.

Harry Potter Light Painting Wand ($35)
Light up the night and cast spells simultaneously with this ingenious light painting wand. This is a must-have for the Harry Potter fans in your life.

Stroller Hook/Charger ($40)
Don’t let the name fool you. Marketed to moms with strollers, this multifunctional charger/carabiner clip is really for everyone.

Portable Blender ($40)
Never leave home without … a blender? This portable one is ideal for travelers, making 8 to 12 margaritas or smoothies on a single charge.

Touchscreen Gloves ($41)
Stylish and warm, these gloves are smart in more ways than one. Touchscreen-enabled fingertips and smartDRI® protection keep hands dry and connected to technology.

Mirror iPhone Case ($45)
This brilliant phone case lets users slyly check to see if they have anything in their teeth. The person you give this to will think kindly of you every time they eat a poppyseed bagel before a meeting.

iPhone Memory Stick (128G) ($46)
Wouldn’t it be super convenient if someone made a flash drive for your phone? Well, they did! The real question is, why don’t you have one yet?

Tile (4 for $50)
How many people do you know who constantly lose their phone, wallet, or keys? This set of trackable tags is perfect for all the forgetful folks in your life (yourself included).

$50 to $75

Toymail ($60+)
For kids who are too young for smartphones, these squeezable walkie-talkies can keep them connected. Approved contacts can communicate with kiddos through the toy or the free app.

Fujifilm Instax Camera ($60)
There’s nothing quite like the anticipation and joy of taking a photo with an instant camera and waiting for it to develop. Why not share that feeling with those you love most?

Sega Genesis Mini ($60)
Speaking of retro, this little blast from the past has been modernized to hook up to your TV via HDMI cable and comes pre-loaded with 40 games. Give an old millennial a dose of nostalgia or introduce your kids to Sonic. Either way, you’ll be a hero.

Hydration Tracking Water Bottle ($60)
Know someone who’s always trying to drink more water? Maybe they carry around a gallon jug everywhere they go? Give ‘em a boost with this Bluetooth-enabled smart water bottle that tracks every sip. Oh, and it also glows.

Mini Beauty Refrigerator ($60)
From beauty products to soda, this little fridge does double duty with both heating and cooling functionality. It’s perfect for the bathroom or the office.

Wireless Charger ($60)
Wireless chargers can be pretty ugly. This one is anything but. Give the gift of good design this season.

Gel Manicure Kit ($60)
For about the price of a gel manicure, this little gadget delivers everything needed to DIY from the comfort of the couch. Watch as dollar signs flash in the eyes of the receiver. (This gem is going to save them some massive coin over the long run.)

Makeblock Robot ($70)
Perfect for ages 8 and up, this STEAM robot helps kids learn programming through hands-on learning. With three modes, the fun (and learning) never stops!

Philips Hue Starter Kit ($70)
Remember The Clapper? These smart lights take it to a new level, a voice-activated level, in fact.

Massage Ball ($75)
Know someone who always seems stressed out? Help them relax those shoulders with this smart massage ball.

$75 to $100

GoCube ($80)
A smart Rubik’s cube? Who would have thought? This smart cube helps kids learn while providing hours of entertainment. It’s also great for fun-loving adults!

iPhone Camera Lens Kit ($80)
This 4-in-1 lens set for iPhone is sure to bring joy to any Instagrammer’s life. It comes with fish-eye, wide-angle, and two macro lenses (iPhones only).

Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat ($90)
Surprise the yogi in your life with this self-rolling mat that ensures a consistent grip by locking into place. After an at-home flow guided by Amazon Alexa’s Women’s Health app, the mat rolls itself back up and can be stored upright, saving space.

Smart Garden ($100)
Keep your garden alive year-round with this indoor hydroponic herb garden. Biodegradable “plant pods” the size of K-cups offer a variety of nutrient-wrapped seeds, and the garden connects to an app to help optimize light exposure for your plants.

Posture Trainer ($100)
Give the gift of pain relief with this smart posture trainer. The Upright Go 2 connects to an app that tracks user progress and shows real-time improvements while relieving neck and back pain.

Mini Photo Printer ($100)
Polaroid’s modern sibling lets users carry a printer on-hand to give hard copies of photos to friends and family before the holiday party is even over. Extra paper sold separately.

Wireless Headphones ($100)
For the fitness enthusiast in your life, these speakers allow users to access their body’s full range of movement without compromising their workout playlists. Just a five-minute charge gives two hours of battery.

Speaker Shelf ($100)
Save valuable square footage while setting your apartment up for high-quality surround sound with this wall-mounted speaker that doubles as a floating shelf (bracket sold separately).

Lovebox Messenger ($100)
Love notes can be sent via a connected app from around the world, or just when your partner is thinking of you. Notes can be read in real-time when this box is connected to wifi.

Smart Beauty Mirror ($100)
Get the beauty guru in your life this wifi-capable mirror that allows users to shop for cosmetics, follow along with makeup tutorial videos, and learn more about their skin types.

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