10 Tips in Writing an Amazing About Us Page

One of the most frequently visited pages in your website is your About Us page. This is where you tell readers what your business is. It’s a repository of your company’s values, history, mission, offers, and more. It helps readers understand and relate to your business.

Knowing the value, function, and relevance of an About Us page, it is important to make it extremely good and convincing. Here are some tips to help you compose a stunning About Us page.

Use facts to tell your reader why they should do business with you
An About Us page is akin to the resume that you use when you are applying for the job. It is where you present facts that will speak volumes about your capability and credibility.

Do this by explaining why your readers should want to deal business with you. What are the benefits that you can offer to your prospects? What value can you give them? How will your product and services solve their problems?

It would be excellent if you could quantify your claims. Rather than saying, “our product increases productivity,” be more convincing by adding figures. “Our product can increase your productivity by 20%.” Rather than just bold claims, bolster them with specifics. Back them up with simple graphs, charts, or testimonials.

Remember that you don’t want to sound arrogant or pushy—or desperate to make a sale! Thus, avoid adding superlatives. Don’t say you’re better than your competitors; your audience has the final say on that!

Show that you can be trusted
A huge part of today’s business is being done over the Net or over the phone, such as in call centers. Most of the time, both parties don’t interact with each other in person. Without the opportunity to actually and physically meet a company rep, coupled with the proliferation of online and phone scams, it is only natural that people won’t readily trust transacting with businesses that doesn’t or rarely permits real-time, in-person interactions.

Your About Us page must foster trust. Without establishing trust, you can never get a prospect to part with his money.

Fortunately, you can build this by doing it the old fashioned way.
-Put your mailing or street address of your company in your About Us page.
-Include functional phone numbers.
-Put a picture of your storefront.
-Put a picture of you or your staff in a welcoming gesture.
-Include a street map to your business.

These are tidbits of information that people can instinctively relate to, which helps inspire more trust.

Write/speak the language of your audience
Think about who will read your About Us page. This is why it is important to do market research and demographic studies; you should know your audience.

Will you be talking to single mothers or young female teenagers? Experienced IT professionals or people with limited understanding of technology? Photographers who use DLSRs or artists who use paints and brushes? Are they be from your local area or from somewhere else.

Write your About Us according to your audience’s needs, wants, their level of understanding, and their hot buttons. An About Us with a high-tech jargon, for example, would make no sense to an audience who are ordinary point-and-click laypeople. Your approach in weaving calm words for senior citizens would be very different from the upbeat writing for millenials.

An extra tip: To make your About Us page indexable, try to put strategic keywords in your copy. Check out this blog to know what keywords to use in your About Us page.

Get personal and connect with your readers
Readers like to be assured that there’s a real human being behind the business. You need to convey the “human-ness” of your business through your About Us page.

Unless your business and audience calls for it, avoid writing in corporate mumbo-jumbo. That is just boring, dull, and hard to understand. Instead, try to be conversational as if you are speaking face to face with your reader. Write in a friendly tone, which makes you sound more pleasant.

In fact, we suggest you write in first person (I, we) or second person (you) rather than in 3rd person (it, they, them). Instead of “we provide customers with…,” use “we offer you…”

With clever writing, you can be casual, pleasant, likeable, enthusiastic, or even humorous. In the keyboards/pens of creative writers, even vulnerabilities and weaknesses can be included, making the About Us page even more human—and sometimes funny. Your audience will love that!

Add something interesting
In Tip 1, we mentioned that you should present facts. These are important frameworks for your About Us. Now, it’s time to flesh out your About Us page by adding something that piques your reader’s interests.

How did your company start? What motivated you to start out? If your company has an eye-catching name, why did you name your company as such? What are your hobbies when you’re not engaged in business? What are the interests and aspirations of your team?

Stories like these will keep readers glued on to your page.

Include photos and graphics
Humans are intrinsically visual creatures. As such, images can attract more attention than mere text can.

Use the power of visuals to attract and maintain your audience’s interest. Include high-quality of you, your team, or your products and services. Avoid using stock photos. Remember that your audience wants to know you and your company, and it doesn’t help if you post generic photos from somewhere else.

With all the information in your About Us, your text may turn out lengthy. Break your text into sections, each with a sub-heading or bullet points. It makes your text look organized and easier to read.

It is also a good idea to add graphics such as charts, graphs, flowcharts, and infographics. These visual representations not only make your page more attractive, but they also help audiences better understand what you are trying to convey. Indeed, by simply looking a timeline flowchart, for example, your reader can understand your company’s history than having to describe everything in pure text.

If possible, include a worthy cause that you’re working on
Show to your readers that you’re not just after profit. Show that your business exists to make the world a better place.

If your business is supporting a cause—environmental protection, humanitarian effort, social responsibility, education, animal welfare, and the like—-include it in your About Us page.

Why? Emotions play a role in the decision-making process. Think about why viral videos are so successful; they strike at the emotions of the viewer. Stirring up their emotions can win hearts and help your customers understand your values.

Include social proof
Your claims and promises isn’t going to do much unless someone verifies them. Someone who tells them how amazing your business is. That’s where social proof comes in. It is proof that you are what you claim you are.

Include sub-sections so you could list down awards, press releases that mention your company, special interviews, significant achievements, certificates, endorsements, and other publicity materials. Also include symbols and seals of professional organizations related to your industry. They do wonders of your credibility and legitimacy in your customers’ eyes.

Consider adding a subscription form
Turn your About Page into a lead generation and subscription tool. Put an email sign-up form in your About Us page.

This enables readers to subscribe to you while they read—and are captivated—by your About Us page. They don’t have to leave your page just to find just to look for your subscription page.

Call to action

Now that you have introduced yourself, it’s time to tell your audience what you want or need them to do so they can enjoy your products or services. To do so, add a call to action in your About Us Page. This helps guide your visitors on what to do next.

Some examples of good calls to action are

-Start your free website consultation.
-Subscribe to our email newsletter.
-Visit our product catalog.
-Learn more about our X product/service by clicking here

Keep your call to action short, direct, and easy to understand.

People are more inclined to transact with you if they understand and relate to your business. To do that, you don’t just show them that you’re the real deal. You need to explain what you value, earn their trust, and show them the human side of your company. A creative, personalized, and human About Us page does all these. It can be the key of converting your visitors to customers.

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Devon Higgins is the CMO of Foliowebsites. He came to Folio with a background in digital marketing and communications. With a BA in Marketing from Michigan State University and previous experience working with both big business and non-profits, Devon brings a well-rounded perspective to the team. Outside of Folio, he coaches and plays soccer, or goes on adventures throughout the Michigan.

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